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Itai Doshin Aikido Club is an 'Associate' member of Kobayashi Dojo's UK (KUK) who represent Kobayashi Dojo's based in Japan.  Kobayashi Dojo's is a global organisation founded by Kobayashi Yasuo in 1969 and operates under the Aikikai Hombu Dojo headquartered in Tokyo.  The KUK benefits from a direct relationship with Japan and welcomes Japanese Sensei's to the UK for regular seminars whereby we can experience Aikido at the highest level.  Our club is proud to be linked with this organisation and welcomes new students who wish to experience this soft, dynamic, yet powerful martial art.

26th April 2014

Regional Course & Grading hosted by Abertillery Aikido Club.  

Guest Instructor Joe Bowen Sensei (4th Dan)

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